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big sports bear shot by BearPhotographer


tartar with smoked salmon, avocado and red pepper

- fine muscle bear food @ male.kitchen


healthy food for beefy men and there guests contact here


I'm a male hobby cook near Zurich Switzerland, in the center of Europe. If you are intersted in fast easy to cook recepies for beefy muscled men, then you will find here the recepies you are looking for.

No fancy dishes, easy and tasty food for big men and muscle bears including everybody that like healthy delicious food.


Have fun on my site and good appetite...

Any feedback and contact is welcome contact here



tartar with smoked salmon, avocado and red pepper

ingedient  for 2 guys   how to prepare
150gr of smoked salm   slice the salm in little pieces
1/2 avocado   slice the avocado in
little pieces
1/4 red pepper   slice the red pepper in
little pieces
1/4 green pepper   slice the green pepper in
little pieces
red pepper  (as you like)    ad fresh powdered red pepper
Cognac    add 2 spoons of Cognac 
    stir the whole in the bowl
    prepare the plate 
proposal of wine to drink with   USA California Bear Cinfandel
presenation   prepare your table
all photos - copyright by male.kitchen, email here  thanks
    shopping list   (for two bears)
- 300 gr smoked salmon
- 1 avocado
- 1 red pepper
- 1 green pepper
- 1 red onion
- 2 spoons of cognac
- red pepper (pink, or Brezilian pepper)
    download recipe
tartar with smoked salm, avocado and red pepper - muscle bear food.pdf
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